YZZY test Brucella

Brucella spp. PCR reagent kit

YZZY test Brucella PCR reagent kit is a highly sensitive and specific solution for the detection of Brucella spp. DNA in samples from infected animals. The express method of DNA purification from the wide range of samples allows detecting the pathogen early and easily.

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Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is based on the amplification of specific regions of the pathogen genome. In real-time PCR, the amplified product is detected using fluorescent dyes. Monitoring the fluorescence intensities during the PCR run (i.e., in real time) allows detection of the accumulating product without the need to re-open the reaction tubes afterward. The PCR Kit contains all of the necessary reagents for the detection of diseases DNA, including reagents for Express DNA purification, external, positive and negative controls. An external control excludes the possibility of false-negative results.