YZZY Taq DNA Polymerase

YZZY Taq DNA polymerase is a 94 KDa thermostable protein isolated from a recombinant E. coli strain bearing the polA gene of the Thermus aquaticus YT1 polymerase. The enzyme is highly purified by affinity and anion-exchange chromatography and can be supplied in concentrated form

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Area of applications: Routine PCR

Benefits: Reliable choice for routine PCR

Size, U  Components* 
100 000  Taq, 5-200 U/μL 
200 000  Taq, 5-200 U/μL 
500 000  Taq, 5-200 U/μL 
1 000 000  Taq, 5-200 U/μL 

* Can be supplied with original 10x PCR buffer and 50 mM MgCl2 upon request