YZZY Smart DNA Polymerase

YZZY Smart DNA polymerase is a high-quality hot-start polymerase with superior sensitivity and specificity.

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Area of applications
• Multiplex PCR
• Low-copy PCR
• Highly specific PCR
• One-step RT-PCR
• PCR with dual labeled probes
• Real-time PCR with ntercalating dyes

• Increased sensitivity and specifity
• Inactive at 55°C
• DNA fragments length up to 5 kbp

Size, U  Components* 
1 000  0.2 mL – Y-Smart, 5 U/μL 
5 000  1 mL – Y-Smart, 5 U/μL 
50 000  10 mL – Y-Smart, 5 U/μL 
500 000  2×50 mL – Y-Smart, 5 U/μL 

* Can be supplied with original 10x PCR buffer and 50 mM MgCl2 upon request


The reagent is composed of a high-purified recombinant Taq DNA polymerase and
specific monoclonal antibody which inhibits enzymatic activity of the polymerase
at room temperature. According to our tests, 1 U of polymerase keeps inactive during the
incubation with the substrate for about 0.5 hour at 55°C. Activation of the enzyme
starts automatically during the first cycle of DNA denaturation.