Reagent kit for isolation of DNA/RNA

The YZZY-RNA MAGNET Kit is intended for isolation of total DNA/RNA from clinical material: smears, scrapings and mucousa of the urogenital, respiratory and digestive tracts, biological fluids (plasma, serum, saliva, detachable conjunctiva, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural, synovial a

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The YZZY-RNA MAGNET Kit is a highly sensitive Kit that allows efficient isolation both RNA and DNA from clinical material. The sensitivity limit is 10 genome equivalents per extraction.

The YZZY-RNA MAGNET Kit allows to conduct both standard and high sensitivity studies with a sample volume of up to 100 μl.

The YZZY-RNA MAGNET Kit allows to purify RNA/DNA both in manual mode (use magnetic stand for single PCR tubes 1,5/2,0 ml or handheld Magnetic stand 96 for the separation of magnetic beads in 96-well format plates) and in automatic mode using open robotic stations.

Purification of RNA/DNA using the YZZY-RNA MAGNET Kit is simple and convenient and does not require additional reagents.